C-Suite Exclusives features the prominent leaders of growing companies local and global as we seek to understand the secret of their success.  Business is multi-dimensional and so are its leaders.  Join us for an exclusive peek behind the closed doors of America’s most envied offices.  Join host, Elizabeth Gordon, as we find out what’s in the minds and hearts of C-level Executives as they chart the future course of the economy through their leadership, innovation and growth.

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  Today on C-Suite Exclusive, Larry R. Samuelson, an accomplished executive who led divisions as a President, COO and CEO, at one of the largest companies in the automotive aftermarket parts industry and provided the strategy to restore growth and profitability to over 200 business owners in his firm’s network of businesses.   Larry successfully … [more]

In this special edition of C-Suite Exclusives business consultant Elizabeth Gordon interviews Cbeyond’s CMO, Paul Carmody. As Cbeyond’s Chief Marketing Officer, Paul is responsible for leading marketing, product management, and business development. Carmody joined Cbeyond in 2012 to help drive the company’s expansion into next-generation products and services.   In this interview Paul speaks to Elizabeth about … [more]

This week in the C-Suite, Elizabeth Gordon interviews Monty P. Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer of Rural Sourcing Inc. about creating technology jobs in rural America. Rural Sourcing Inc (RSI) provides a competitive onshore alternative to the traditional answers of IT outsourcing.  Mr. Hamilton is the CEO responsible for leading the strategic direction and the growth of RSI to … [more]

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