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Cbeyond’s CMO Paul Carmody on transforming to meet customers’ needs

In this special edition of C-Suite Exclusives business consultant Elizabeth Gordon interviews Cbeyond’s CMO, Paul Carmody.

As Cbeyond’s Chief Marketing Officer, Paul is responsible for leading marketing, product management, and business development. Carmody joined Cbeyond in 2012 to help drive the company’s expansion into next-generation products and services.


In this interview Paul speaks to Elizabeth about the customer needs Cbeyond serves, how those needs have evolved over time and what prompted Cbeyond’s transformation to the Cbeyond 2.0 model of focusing on virtual services.  Paul shares the market’s reaction to Cbeyond’s cloud services and thoughts on the company’s future growth strategy.

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Monty P. Hamilton 
Chief Executive Officer 

of Rural Sourcing Inc. (RSI)

This week in the C-Suite, Elizabeth Gordon interviews Monty P. Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer of Rural Sourcing Inc. about creating technology jobs in rural America.

Rural Sourcing Inc (RSI) provides a competitive onshore alternative to the traditional answers of IT outsourcing.  Mr. Hamilton is the CEO responsible for leading the strategic direction and the growth of RSI to launch 30 new high-tech hubs across the US.

He is a sought after speaker on the outsourcing topic having recently been featured on CNBC, NPR radio and at various industry conferences. In addition, recent articles depicting RSI’s innovative outsourcing model have appeared in Business Week, CNN Money magazine, CFO magazine, and CIO magazine.

Hamilton began his IT career in 1988 with Accenture. In 1995 he joined four other colleagues to build their own consulting firm – Clarkston Consulting.  He was instrumental in growing Clarkston into a global strategic and systems integration firm with offices across the US and Europe.  After Clarkston’s acquisition of RSI he became the CEO in 2009.

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